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Prescription drugs are flooding the health care industry now more than ever. With the increase in drug approvals has come an increase in prescription drug injuries and deaths. It is estimated that tens of thousands of Americans die each year as a result of the medications they were prescribed. These statistics do not include those who overdosed or died as a result of a pharmacy or doctor error. And while all this is taking place, the manufacturers of such medications are reaping billions in profits. Anvil Legal Group is here to stand up for those who have been injured and possess the resources to pursue justice on your behalf.

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Medical Drug Law

Why do these dangerous drugs keep getting approved?

The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) is the governing body for prescription drugs allowed on the U.S. market. Unfortunately, the FDA simply relies on clinical trial data and efficacy reports from the manufacturers themselves to determine a drug’s market approval. It is only after the medication has been released to the general public that we learn just how dangerous some are – at the expense of our health and often times lives.​ It is at this point that the real dangers associated with particular medications are translated to the patient. It is typically done through warning labels that indicate the risks and side effects. In some rare instances, the drug will be recalled or removed from the market. It is important to understand that the FDA approval process does not alleviate drug manufacturers of liability for the unwarned side effects of a medication. Failure to disclose information about the potential dangers of a drug creates grounds for legal action. In many instances, it is determined through legal proceedings that the manufacturers concealed some of the risks of using a particular medication. Equally important is that you find experienced legal representation that knows your rights and what it takes to garner justice on your behalf.

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